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snakeMQ is a small cross-platform Python library for easy and reliable communication between hosts. Just send the message and let the library care about the delivery.


  • pure Python, cross-platform
  • automatic reconnect
  • reliable delivery - configurable message role and delivery timeout
  • persistent/transient queues
  • asynchronous - poll()
  • symmetrical - single TCP connection for duplex communication
  • multiple storage options - SQLite, MongoDB, ...
  • brokerless - similar philosophy like ZeroMQ
  • additional modules - RPC, bandwidth throttling

No compatibility with AMQP, ZeroMQ or other messaging systems.

Issues/bugs/feature requests

Feel free to report at GitHub or discuss at Google Groups.


snakeMQ is used as a communication subsystem in 2S2B information system.

What should be added

  • routing
  • publish/subscribe, multiple queues
  • replication/redundancy
  • safer serialization (supplement for pickle module)
  • compression
  • memory optimizations (pipelined processing)
  • queues and buffers size limits (throttling)
  • transactions